2014       cloth
              collaboration with conductor Robert Spano * filmmaker Micah Stansell * Goat Farm Arts Center,
              Atlanta, GA, USA                                                                  

2013       Hippodrome: a triptych on urban stages
collaboration with visual artist Gyun Hur*
               Goat Farm Arts Center, Atlanta, GA, USA

2011        Maa’        
               collaboration with Maestro Robert Spano * filmmaker Adam Larsen *Atlanta Symphony Hall *
               Atlanta, GA, USA                

2008        big
collaboration with Big Boi of OUTkast and the Dungeon Family * filmmaker Adam Larsen *
                Atlanta Ballet * Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA, USA

2014         gestures that soon will disappear: The Fourth Body
glo solo Exhibition with Paper-Cut-Project * MOCA GA * Atlanta, GA, USA

                choir B
glo * Mi Casa design intervention * High Museum of Art , GA, USA

                choir B
Howard Finster's Paradise Garden* Summerville , GA, USA   

                choir B
Zuckerman Museum of Art Opening Exhibition* Kennesaw , GA, USA

2013         choir B
Georgia Museum of Art * Athens, GA, USA

                The Traveling Show
Quinlan Visual Arts Center * Gainesville, GA, USA

2012        Livers:REMIX           
                Art Basel: Miami, Aqua Art * South Beach, Fl, USA
                I am a Jaguar
Carlos Museum * Atlanta, GA, USA                                                                             

                Physical Suites on a theme of non-fiction
Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center * Atlanta, GA, USA

                Spiritus Lenis
collaboration with Gyun Hur * Wesleyan Gallery* Macon, GA, USA 

2014         gestures that soon will disappear: The Romantic Body
physical installation
                glocollaboration with Paper-Cut-Project * Atlanta GA, USA

                 The Traveling Show
10-city public art Tour * collaboration with Living Walls, The City Speaks * Georgia, USA

2013         The Traveling Show
10-city public art Tour * collaboration with Living Walls, The City Speaks * Georgia, USA

                Liquid Culture: a series of utopia stations
physical installation
                High Museum Sifly Plaza * Alliance Theatre collaboration
                Atlanta, GA, USA                

2012        Liquid Culture: utopia station series
Sol LeWitt’s 54 Columns, Freedom Park * collaboration with The Atlanta Opera * Atlanta, GA, USA

                 search for the exceptional: cycle II
                 Historic Maddox Pool * collaboration with filmmaker Micah Stansell * Atlanta, GA, USA

                 (this is an) Act of Devotion
                 public intervention
                 Historic Castleberry Hill * Flux Night *  Atlanta, GA, USA     

2011         Livers
                Historic Castleberry Hill * Flux Night * Atlanta, GA, USA

                Liquid Culture: a utopia station series
                MARTA Lindbergh Station | 15th & Peachtree | Little 5 Points, Atlanta, GA, USA               

2010         Bloom * inaugural artist
migration + performance
                 Flux Projects * Lenox Square * Atlanta, GA, USA

High Museum of Art campus * Atlanta, GA, USA

2009         pour
physical installation
                  Historic Castleberry Hill * Le Flash * Atlanta, GA, USA

High Museum of Art campus * glo debut * Atlanta, GA, USA 

2015         The Social Animal
Acadiana Center for the Arts * LaFayette, LA, USA                                      

2013         You may be my brother
Laban Institute, London England, UK and European tour

                 Regular Chain of Being
360 Dance/Ailey Theater, New York, NY, USA

                 The Band
Big Muddy * Touhill Arts Center, St. Louis, MI, USA 

2010         Both
Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival * Doris Duke Theatre, Beckett, MA, USA                   

Ballet British Columbia * State Theatre, Vancouver, British Columbia

Ballet Augsburg * OperaHaus Augsburg, Augsburg, Germany                

River North Dance Chicago * Harris Theatre, Chicago, IL, USA        

2008         Citizen
American Ballet Theatre * City Center, New York, NY, USA                 

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre * Benedum Theatre, Pittsburgh,PA, USA                  

                 the Manifests
Hubbard St. Dance Chicago * Harris Theatre, Chicago, IL

River North Dance Chicago * Harris Theatre, Chicago, IL, USA 

2014         Artadia Award: Atlanta
unrestricted award * New York, NY, USA

                Robert Rauschenberg Foundation SEED Grant
$10,000 unrestricted Award * New York, NY, USA

                 gestures that soon will disappear: The Fourth Body
Atlanta Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs Major project support * Atlanta, GA, USA

                 Possible Futures Foundation Project support
The Traveling Show state public art Tour * Atlanta, GA, USA

                 Power of Art Participatory Artist
Robert Rauschenberg Foundation and The Lab School * Washington, D.C., US                                                                          

2013         Robert Rauschenberg Foundation SEED Grant
$10,000 unrestricted Award

                 Collaborators’ Grant
Georgia Council for the Arts in affiliation with the NEA, USA

                 Possible Futures Foundation Project support
Hippodrome * Atlanta, GA, USA 

                 Best of Visual Arts: Year in Review
ArtsATL * Atlanta, GA, USA

                 Best Choreographer
Creative Loafing * Atlanta, GA       

                 Best of Dance: Year in Review
ArtsATL * Atlanta, GA, USA

2012         Creative Capital Artists’ Workshop
Atlanta, GA, USA

                 20 to Watch
Creative Loafing * Atlanta, GA USA                               

                 Rome Prize nominee
American Academy of Arts * Rome, Italy

                 LUBO Fund
Unrestricted funds * Atlanta, GA, USA

                 Idea Capital Grant recipient
Pupil public art Project * Atlanta, GA, USA                                                              

                 Possible Futures Foundation
Unrestricted funds * Atlanta, GA, USA

                 Best of 2012:  Year in Review
Burnaway Magazine * Atlanta, GA, USA                                                            

                 Outstanding Atlantan 
Big Kidz Foundation * Atlanta, GA, USA                                                                                                                                            

                 Best in Art: Year in Review
ArtsATL * Atlanta, GA, USA

                 Best of Art:  Year in Review
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette * Pittsburgh, PA, USA                 

2010         inaugural Artist Impact Award
Emory University Center for Arts, Atlanta, GA, USA                                                                 

                 New creation support grant
The Cheney Foundation * Chicago, IL, USA                                            

2008         Outstanding Choreographic Prize nominee
Prix Benois de la Danse * Moscow, Russia 

                  "25 to Watch
Dance Magazine                                         

2005         Choreographer Nominee
Chicago Dancemakers Nominee * MOCA Chicago * Chicago, IL, USA

                  Choreographic Ruth Page Award    
Chicago Music and Dance Alliance                                                                                                                          

 2004         Chicagoan of the Year
Chicago Tribune * Chicago, IL, USA

2014          Distinguished Fellow: Hambidge Center of Arts and Sciences
Rabun Gap, GA, USA

2013           Laban Institute Visiting Artist
London, England

2012          Office of Cultural Affairs Artist Registry
Atlanta, GA, US

2011           Royal Opera House DanceLINES Choreographic Residency
London, England                            

                 Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center Artist-in Residence
Atlanta, GA, USA 

                 Residency, Atlanta Symphony Hall
Atlanta, GA, USA           

                 Kelly Strayhorn Theatre Residency
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

2010         Liguria Center for Arts & Humanities Bogliasco Fellow
Bogliasco, Italy                                                                                                                                     

2007-08   Visiting Choreographer
SUNY Purchase * White Plains, NY, USA

2007         Visiting Choreographer
Point Park University * Pittsburgh, PA, USA  


2014          Visiting Lecturer, School of Architecture
Georgia Tech textile and performance class * Atlanta, Ga, USA

                  Organizer, public conversation series
Museums as Performance Institutions *Tanz Farm * Goat Farm Arts Center, 

                  Atlanta, GA, USA
                  Guest Speaker, Art in Public Spaces

                   Arts Leaders of Metro Atlanta Regional Panel, Woodruff Arts Center
                  Atlanta, GA, USA

2013          Guest Artist
American College Dance Festival * Augusta, GA, USA

                  Organizer, public conversation series
If we had a conversation about performance, what would it look like?
                  Tanz Farm * Goat Farm Arts Center, Atlanta, GA, USA

                 Organizer, live art series
Tanz Farm: a contemporary Anthology * Goat Farm Arts Center * Atlanta, Ga, USA     

                  Visiting Artist
Israel International Exposure Conference * Tel Aviv, Israel

                  Emerging Artist Mentor
Walthal Foundation * Wonderroot  

2010- current
                  Artist in Residence
Kennesaw State University School of Arts * Kennesaw, GA, USA

2009- current
                  Founding Artist 
gloATL * Atlanta, GA, USA

2005-08   Resident Choreographer
Atlanta Ballet * Atlanta, Ga, USA

2000-05   Performing Artist      
                 Hubbard Street Dance Chicago * Chicago IL

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1989     BFA * Point Park University         
cum laude, classical and contemporary performance studies, Pittsburgh, PA