Supple Means of Connection
Florence Biennale
Fortezza de Basso

Connection--in its broadest sense--permeates the movement and installation work of Lauri Stallings. Drawing on her interest in choreography as a toolbox, Stallings addresses the notion of social sculpture, and the conviction that bodies of information stored in the daily lives of people are art. With modest economies, she creates work of very diverse context, scale, and textures, oriented toward the question of instinct. Interrogating the infinite challenges of human co-existence—as well as the blurred lines between the fragility of the human body and the fragility of nature—Stallings’ continues to mix forms that defy the boundaries of genre. Time is her most consistent material.

For the Florence Biennale, Supple Means of Connection offers ongoing actions of migration, live sculpture, and dynamic posturing for seven female enactors of the movement platform glo. This public artwork, curated by Melanie Zefferino, will take over the pavilion, courtyard, and entrances of the Fortezza de Basso. Exploring themes of family, falling, and maps--with respect to women’s roles--glo bends throughout exceptional spaces in the 100,000 square meters of the fort. In parallel to the work are various forms of social engagement with the local community, including Farming and people Movement Shops.

Supple Means of Connection manifests as a collective action of breath and empathy through a shared geography in which we are invited to temporarily be free. 

October 18-27, 2019